Addressing Puppy Mouthiness

blue heeler puppy sitting and being fed a treat

Dear Fellow Puppy Parents… Yes! I hear you! I am blown away by the number of inquiries I have received the last month asking me all about puppy biting and nipping. Every puppy owner (and many dog owners) deals with this behavior at some point. Picture the most well-behaved adult dog you know. At some […]

Ditch the Bowl with Multi-Dog & Busy Households

tan dog and brindle dog. Titled "Ditch the Bowl - Multidog / busy households"

Every single day we feed our dogs the nutrients they need (and hopefully enjoy!). As adorable as all our pups are, they are not stuffed animals. They are living, breathing organisms with the ability to think and problem solve, the need to engage and burn energy, and even the drive to work. By providing them […]

Ditch the Bowl Challenge

Pair of white dog paws by a food bowl, titled "Ditch the Bowl"

What does “Ditch the Bowl” mean?  Ditching the bowl means to stop feeding your dog out of a food dish! (Keep the water dishes as they are please!!) Your dog still eats his/her daily allowance of food, but NOT out of your typical food bowl. I recommend every single pet parent to incorporate this into […]